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Actifio explains Their Data Management product in this whiteboard session.


Cloudera offers enterprises a powerful new data platform built on the popular Apache Hadoop open-source software package.


Rick Chavie, CEO of EnterWorks, discusses how to solve the internal and external challenges of media touchpoints and what tools can make success happen here.


Open Enterprise Hadoop is a new paradigm that scales with the demands of your big data applications.


People Data Activation: From Paradox to Paradigm,” in which he talks about how data is transforming marketing and media.


Imagine being able to optimize your perfect AUDIENCES targeted across smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Now you can with Lotame’s Audience Optimizer.


Jack Norris fro MAPR Technologies explains the need for businesses to have faster, more secure, and more complete data management and analytics solutions for Apache Hadoop.


RedPoint Data Management for Hadoop: Introduction and Setup.


Gain visibility and control of Hadoop with complete metadata management, data lineage, and a simpler transformation process. Try Loom for free.


Ben Sharma, Zaloni CEO and Co-Founder, speaks about managing data lakes at the Layers of Modern Data Architecture event at Galvanize in San Francisco on February 16, 2016.