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Actian Unveils Fully Managed Cloud Data Warehouse Called Avalanche

Actian Unveils Fully Managed Cloud Data Warehouse Called Avalanche
Actian Unveils Fully Managed Cloud Data Warehouse Called Avalanche

Source: Actian on YouTube

Actian has announced the release and availability of its flagship cloud data warehouse called Actian Avalanche. A fully managed service and offered on Microsoft Azure, Actian Avalanche is a hybrid solution that enables organizations to migrate data and applications to the cloud. It is designed to work with Azure data services like Azure Data Lake Store Gen 2, Azure Data Factory, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft PowerApps, and Azure AI including Azure Machine Learning.

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Avalanche’s hybrid design means users can query workloads across both on-prem and cloud environments, while Actian support for data federation means data does not need to be moved from its place of origin. Customers only need to use the compute and storage resources they need. Actian Avalanche also comes pre-packaged with connector support for more than 200 popular enterprise applications.

Actian is also announcing a special free cloud storage offer on Azure for Avalanche customers. Details include 10TB of free cloud storage with purchase of 4 Avalanche Units warehouse for greater than 1,000 Cloud Compute hours. Additional storage is available for $23.88/TB per month, and additional compute for $3.50/Avalanche Unit per hour.

In statement to the press, Actian CEO and President Rohit De Souza said of the release: “Actian is proud to offer Avalanche to its customers on Microsoft Azure, powering performance at scale and real-time insights in the cloud without compromising speed or flexibility. Avalanche’s fully managed solution, now offering free storage for the first year, enables customers to focus on delivering superior insight while enjoying unprecedented savings and deployment flexibility as they modernize their enterprise data warehouse.”

Actian was named a top provider in Gartner’s August Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools.

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