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Ataccama Unveils the Second Generation of Ataccama ONE

Ataccama Unveils the Second Generation of Ataccama ONE
Ataccama Unveils the Second Generation of Ataccama ONE

Source: Ataccama

Ataccama today announced the second generation of its Ataccama ONE data management and data governance platform, according to a press release. The update consolidates the vendor’s data quality, master data management, data catalog, data governance, data integration, and other data management capabilities into a single product. Ataccama ONE now features a unified fabric (stitched together by metadata) that allows organizations to actively detect, enforce, track, and measure the effectiveness of their data and policies across the enterprise.

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Ataccama offers an augmented data management platform that features data discovery and profiling, metadata management and a data catalog, data quality management, master and reference data management, and big data processing and integration. The product is fully integrated yet modular for any data, user, domain or deployment type. Ataccama also includes text analytics and machine learning, as well as data enrichment with external sources and data lake profiling.

Ataccama ONE utilized AI and machine learning to automate work while constantly learning from user interactions. The new self-driving capability provides improved speed as well. The platform can also process data across complex ecosystems in the cloud, any combination of on-prem, multi-cloud, or hybrid environments. The company is launching an enriched freemium offering alongside its Gen2 platform, including two new free tools for data preparation and data cataloging.

In a media statement about the news, Ataccama CEO Michal Klaus said: “Today companies are burdened with dozens of single-purpose data management tools, crushed by the monotonous task of moving data from one to the next and exposed to increasing risks to data security and integrity at every step. With the second generation of Ataccama ONE, organizations have a single platform that streamlines the entire data management and governance lifecycle and uses AI to learn and automate repetitive functions and prevent mistakes.”

The new version of Ataccama ONE will be available in February 2021. Click here to learn more.

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