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AtScale 2020.5 Touts New Modeling Features, Added BI Tools Support

AtScale 2020.5 Touts New Modeling Features, Added BI Tools Support
AtScale 2020.5 Touts New Modeling Features, Added BI Tools Support

Source: AtScale

AtScale has announced the release of AtScale 2020.5, the final major release of its 2020.x code line according to a press release on the company’s website. The release focuses on AtScale’s core cloud OLAP capabilities for enterprise business intelligence, AI, and machine learning. The update makes data accessible and readily available for important AI and BI workloads.

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AtScale offers a data virtualization platform that enables users to connect BI tools to live data sources without moving data. The product features support for time-based calculations, hierarchies, semi-additive metrics, multi-level measures, and many-to-many relationships. Customers can use existing BI tool drivers to connect to data platforms as well, and AtScale natively connects Excel to live data on-prem and in the cloud. AtScale includes automatic data lineage and auto-optimized query response time functionality.

Key features of AtScale 2020.5 are headlined by Cube Matrix View, a set of advanced modeling and business logic capabilities that enable users to build large-scale models. There is also increased cloud OLAP sophistication that builds upon advanced in earlier releases. Current enhancements enable business logic when measuring KPIs in relation to higher entities. AtScale 2020.5 is certified with Tableau 2020.3 as well and even offers improved behavior with Microsoft Excel Top-N filtering. In addition, the release touts streaming aggregate movement, cloud data platform distribution, and clustering support.

In a media statement about the news, AtScale Executive Chairman and CEO Christopher Lynch said “AtScale 2020.5 is a game-changer for our customers and the enterprise. Now more than ever, companies are speaking to the needs of their data analysts. With our latest release, our Cloud OLAP capabilities make data accessible and analysis-ready, expanding support for running analytics in the cloud and making modern BI scalable.”

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