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AtScale CloudStart Brings BI and Data Science to Cloud Data Platforms

AtScale CloudStart Bings BI and Data Science to Cloud Data Platforms
AtScale CloudStart Bings BI and Data Science to Cloud Data Platforms

Source: AtScale

AtScale recently announced the launch of AtScale CloudStart, an offering that enables customers to quickly integrate its product on the top cloud data management platforms. According to the vendor, the new tool “provides customers a way to start with a smaller semantic layer investment aligned with entry points for cloud data platforms with the ability to scale seamlessly with your analytics infrastructure.” AtScale CloudStart is available now for Snowflake, Microsoft Azure, Synapse SQL, Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and Databricks.

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AtScale offers a data virtualization platform that enables users to connect BI tools to live data sources without moving data. The product features support for time-based calculations, hierarchies, semi-additive metrics, multi-level measures, and many-to-many relationships. Customers can use existing BI tool drivers to connect to data platforms as well, and AtScale natively connects Excel to live data on-prem and in the cloud. AtScale includes automatic data lineage and auto-optimized query response time functionality.

AtScale customers can utilize this tool to connect cloud data sources to business intelligence platforms like Tableau, Excel, Looker and Microsoft’s Power BI. Accompanying services packages support training and rapid onboarding as well. AtScale deployments on leading cloud data platforms have increased an impressive 89 percent for the company over the last calendar year.

In a media statement on the news, AtScale CEO Christopher Lynch said: “We have seen cloud-first customers looking at an AtScale semantic layer as the ‘central nervous system’ for their business intelligence and data science programs. CloudStart simplifies AtScale implementation on leading cloud platforms and accelerates time-to-value.”

Learn more about AtScale CloudStart on the company’s website.

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