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Attunity Tackles Hadoop in the Data Lake with Update to Visibility


Attunity announced today the latest release of Attunity Visibility for Hadoop, which includes enhanced technology to enable comprehensive data usage analytics for large-scale and fast-growing Hadoop Data Lake environments. The new release supports all major Hadoop distributions, as well as enterprise data warehouses. In addition, Attunity Visibility provides a unified platform to analyze usage across enterprise Big Data systems to enable intelligent Data Management.

The new release provides comprehensive analytics that allow enterprises to understand and measure Hadoop data storage and usage, enabling them to more accurately plan and optimize cost performance while ensuring that Data Governance and compliance frameworks can be met. Expanded capabilities included in the updated Visibility solution include analytics across storage levels in the Hadoop File System, as well as Hadoop data procesing engines such as MapReduce, Tez, Hive and Cloudera Impala.

Attunity’s EVP of Corporate Strategy Itamar Ankorion concludes: “Hadoop is fast changing the data management landscape by delivering new business opportunities and cost-performance efficiencies. Yet with this growth comes inherent complexity as enterprises now need to better control and manage ever-growing data lakes environments. Building on the extensive experience we built into Attunity Visibility in the enterprise data warehouse market, we now offer similar comprehensive capabilities for the Hadoop market, all within a single innovative and unified platform.”

The new version of Attunity Visibility for Hadoop will be unveiled and demonstrated live at the Hadoop Summit from June 28-30 in San Jose, CA.

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