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Cambridge Semantics Fits AnzoGraph DB with More Speed, Free Access

Cambridge Semantics Fits AnzoGraph DB with More Speed, Free Access
Cambridge Semantics Fits AnzoGraph DB with More Speed, Free Access

Source: Cambridge Semantics

Cambridge Semantics is launching a new version of its standalone AnzoGraph DB product, according to a press release on the provider’s website. The company also announced the release of AnzoGraph DB Free Edition for commercial use. AnzoGraph DB version 2 offers improved performance over the previous iteration and will power many of the new capabilities coming in the Anzo 5.0 release. Version 2 builds on recently added features for labeling property graphs in RDF under the new SPARQL*/RDF* proposed standards.

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The Cambridge Semantics AnzoGraph DB is a massively parallel processing graph database designed to hasten data integration analytics. The product includes more than 40 functions for regular line-of-business analytics along with views and windowed aggregates, as well as graph and data science algorithms to support in-graph feature engineering and transformations. It also enables application developers to build their own custom functions and aggregates that can perform in parallel across knowledge graphs.

The newly available free version of AnzoGraph DB runs on a single server or laptop and includes support foe 8GB of memory for anonymous use and 16GB of memory for users who register. Users can take advantage of data science algorithms (correlations, estimators, distributions, PCA, NMF, LDA) in their analytics. Capabilities are excellent for data preparation and feature selection. Version 2 also includes an API to build your own parallel connectors and distributed algorithms in C++ or JVM-based languages. There’s a performance improvement for analytics and transformation as well.

In a media statement about the news, Cambridge Semantics’ Vice President of Product Steve Sarsfield said: “Over the past year, companies have recognized the power of graph databases for enabling innovations in data analytics. Our AnzoGraph DB Version 2 delivers the scale required to handle analytical workloads, deployment on cloud and containers, broad analytical functions and graph-based data integration across varied data sources.”

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