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Cambridge Semantics Unveils AnzoGraph DB with Geospatial Analytics

Cambridge Semantics Unveils AnzoGraph DB with Geospatial Analytics
Cambridge Semantics Unveils AnzoGraph DB with Geospatial Analytics

Source: Cambridge Semantics

Cambridge Semantics recently announced the addition of geospatial analytics to its AnzoGraph DB graph database. AnzoGraph DB with Geospatial Analytics enables users to determine a location and its relationship to borders, regions, zones, or other places so they can perform calculations and queries about those locations and their relationships. According to the company: “Geospatial is often a key enabler for many other business processes, including IoT projects, tax fee assessment, setting up delivery and sales zones, and optimizing routes.”

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The Cambridge Semantics AnzoGraph DB is a massively parallel processing graph database designed to hasten data integration analytics. The product includes more than 40 functions for regular line-of-business analytics along with views and windowed aggregates, as well as graph and data science algorithms to support in-graph feature engineering and transformations. It also enables application developers to build their own custom functions and aggregates that can perform in parallel across knowledge graphs.

AnzoGraph DB with Geospatial Analytics uses a proprietary user-defined function capability, or GeoSPARQL to provide geospatial analysis through 160 different features. A Define Regions capability lets users define polygon points and circles on a map, while the regions can be two dimensional or three dimensional. AnzoGraph DB now also lets you define zones with common goepspatial files. The database includes the algorithms to convert between Cartesian, Spherical, Cylindrical, and Elliptical coordinate systems, and conforms to Open Geospatial Consortium standards.

In a press statement about the news, the company’s Vice President of Product Steve Sarsfield said: “The integration of geospatial analytics within AnzoGraph DB is another example of how Cambridge Semantics continues to push the boundaries of knowledge graph innovation and to show what is possible with graph-based analytics.”

Learn more about AnzoGraph DB with Geospatial Analytics.

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