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Cambridge Semantics Unveils Updated Data Lake Tool

Cambridge Semantics Unveils Updated Data Lake Tool
Cambridge Semantics Unveils Updated Data Lake Tool

Source: VentureFizz

Boston-based data management vendor Cambridge Semantics announced today the updated release of Anzo Smart Data Lake (ASDL). Version 4 of the company’s flagship solution builds a semantic layer on enterprise data that allows users to hasten their data projects. The tool incorporates several feature enhancements for this purpose.

  • Automated Rapid Ingestion supports connectivity to both internal and external data sources, as well as cloud environments and the data lake. It absorbs structured and unstructured data through an automated ETL engine. Structured sources require no manual mapping, while unstructured data is processed, indexed and on-boarded through configurable text analytics and NLP pipelines.
  • The Data Catalog leverages graph models to describe data in business contexts to capture all the different types of data required. Users can then discover data sets of interest and put them in context in a governed environment.
  • Graphmarts connect the vendor’s proprietary query engine to data in ASDL to supply on-demand data preparation. Graphmarts act as a collection of data sets that can be shared and discovered so ASDL can automatically bring them online into existing clusters or can provision new clusters as business needs evolve.
  • Data Layers can be added to Graphmarts for cleansing, transformation, linking and access control. Data Layers are stacked for flexibility so that they can be turned on or off on-demand. By storing data prep tasks as individual layers, users can work with data as though they were editing audio or video.

In a press statement, the company’s President Alok Prasad explained: “With on-demand access to data analytics by users throughout the enterprise, users can avoid the business inhibitors of current methods to reach insights quickly. From our customer experiences across multiple industries, these advancements can create a path to heightened market competitiveness and the ability to uncover new revenue growth opportunities.”

Back in August, Solutions Review named Cambridge Semantics to our 4 Metadata Management Vendors to Watch in 2017. The provider will showcase ASDL 4.0 at booth #441 at the Strata Data Conference in New York this week.

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