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Cloudera Debuts New Data Platform and Accompanying Services

Cloudera Debuts New Data Platform and Accompanying Services
Cloudera Debuts New Data Platform and Accompanying Services

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Cloudera has announced the release and availability of its new integrated data management product, Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). CDP enables self-service analytics across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, featuring both granular security and governance policies. The platform is completely open source, open compute, open storage and open for integration, helping to ensure customers can avoid the dreaded vendor lock-in.

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CDP provides cloud choice and flexibility with the option to manage, analyze and experiment with data whether it is on-prem, in hybrid, private cloud, or multiple public cloud environments. Multi-function self-service experiences include application types such as flow and streaming, data engineering, data warehouse, operational database, and machine learning.

The platform simplifies security, privacy and compliance for disparate cloud data through shared data experience (SDX) technologies. SDX enables users to create a secure data lake and replaces scripting with more convenient options. The company’s Chief Product Officer Arun C. Murthy expands on this in a media statement, adding: “With Cloudera Data Platform, IT can embrace hybrid data architectures and set up cloud data lakes with enterprise-grade security and governance in hours instead of days or weeks.”

Cloudera is also making three new services available for use in conjunction with its new data platform release. Cloudera Data Warehouse hastens data warehouse deployment for teams of business analysts, while Cloudera Machine Learning simplifies the process of implementing machine learning workspaces. Cloudera Data Hub is a data management and analytics service that enables developers to build custom business applications.

This announcement comes on the heels of Cloudera’s recent acquisition of big data analytics firm Arcadia Data. The addition of Arcadia’s patent-pending ArcEngine technology will enable Cloudera customers to generate insights in use cases like data lakes, cybersecurity, and IoT and customer intelligence. The merger will also mean enhanced self-service access to data and improved analytics response times inside the Cloudera Data Warehouse.

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