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Cloudera Launches New Set of Enterprise Data Cloud Services

Cloudera Launches New Set of Enterprise Data Cloud Services
Cloudera Launches New Set of Enterprise Data Cloud Services

Source: Cloudera

Cloudera recently announced the launch of a suite of enterprise data cloud services on Cloudera Data Platform, according to a press release. The new services, which Cloudera refers to as ‘analytic experiences’ are designed for data specialists like data engineers, analysts, and scientists. Enterprise data cloud services includes CDP Data Engineering, CDP Operational Database, and CDP Data Visualization. They are unlike general purpose analytic services in that add-ons for workflow automation, job prioritization, and performance tuning are not required.

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Cloudera provides a data storage and processing platform based on the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, as well as a proprietary system and data management tools for design, deployment, operations and production management. Cloudera acquired Hortonworks in October 2018. It followed that up with a buy of San Mateo-based big data analytics provider Arcadia Data last September. Cloudera’s new integrated data management product (Cloudera Data Platform) enables analytics across hybrid and multi-cloud.

CDP Data Engineering is an Apache Spark service on Kubernetes includes capabilities not typically found on more basic data engineering tools like visual-based GUI-based monitoring, native Apache Airflow APIs, resource isolation, and data lifecycle integration. This service also features SDX security and governance. CDP Operational Database is a high-performance NoSQL database service that touts ‘evolutionary’ schema support, auto-scaling based on the workload utilization of the cluster, and multi-model client access with NoSQL key-value using HBase APIs and relational SQL with JDBC.

CDP Data Visualization lets users easily curate visual dashboards, reports and charts. This enables technical teams to share analysis and machine learning models using drag-and-drop custom interactive applications. The service is highlighted by AI-powered natural language search and visual recommendations.

In a media statement on the news, Cloudera’s Chief Product Officer Arun Murthy said: “Now with CDP’s analytic experiences, data specialists like engineers, analysts and scientists get exactly what they need to work better, without having to understand or manage clusters, with built-in security and governance across the data lifecycle to make it easy for IT.”

CDP Data Engineering is generally available on AWS while CDP Operational Database and CDP Data Visualization are expected to be available later in 2020.

Learn more about Cloudera enterprise data cloud services.

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