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Cloudera Unveils Altus to Tackle Big Data in Public Cloud

Cloudera Unveils Altus to Tackle Big Data in Public Cloud
Cloudera Unveils Altus to Tackle Big Data in Public Cloud

Source: Glassdoor

Cloudera recently announced the release of Altus, a Platform as a Service offering that makes it easier for organizations to run large-scale data processing applications in the public cloud. The initial Altus service assists data engineers in using on-demand infrastructure to hasten the creation and operation of elastic data pipelines that power data-driven tools.

The Cloudera Altus Data Engineering service simplifies the development and operations of elastic data pipelines. This puts data engineering jobs front and center and abstracting infrastructure management and operations. Altus also reduces risk associated with cloud migrations. It provides users with familiar tools packaged in a unified platform service that delivers common storage, metadata, security, and management across multiple data engineering applications.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Workload orientation: Centers around data pipelines rather than clusters or infrastructures so users can submit, clone and troubleshoot pipelines without paying attention to underlying infrastructure
  • No data silos: Enables data engineers to run direct reads from and writes to cloud object storage as does the rest of the platform, without requiring replication, ETL or changes to file formats
  • Backwards compatibility and portability: Supports multiple versions of CDH, allowing users to move workloads to and from the cloud without needing to modify applications
  • Built-in workload management: Automates common operational issues related to elastic data pipelines with workload management

In a statement, the company’s Senior Vice President of Products spoke to the announcement: “Data engineering workloads are foundational for today’s data-driven applications. Altus simplifies the process of building and running elastic data pipelines while preserving portability and making it easy to incorporate data engineering elements into more complex BI, data science and real-time applications.”

The initial rollout of Cloudera Altus includes support for Apache Spark, Apache Hive on MapReduce2, and Hive on Spark. Over time Cloudera plans to expand Altus to support other leading public clouds such as Microsoft Azure.

Read the press release.

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