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Collibra Unveils Automated Lifecycle Data Mapping with Collibra Lineage

Collibra Unveils Automated Lifecycle Data Mapping with Collibra Lineage
Collibra Unveils Automated Lifecycle Data Mapping with Collibra Lineage

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Collibra recently announced the release of Collibra Lineage, a data lineage tool that enables organizations to understand where data comes from and how it flows and transforms across the enterprise. The launch of Collibra Lineage also marks the first formal integration after Collibra acquired SQLdep in July of 2019. Collibra Lineage automatically maps the relationships between data points to show how they are built, aggregated, sourced and used. The tool then provides end-to-end lineage visualizations.

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The Collibra Platform is made up of four distinct solutions. Headlined by an enterprise data catalog called Collibra Catalog, the platform also includes Collibra Governance, Collibra Privacy & Risk, and now Collibra Lineage. Collibra documents an organization’s technical metadata and how it is used. It describes the structure of a piece of data, its relationship to other data, and its origin, format, and use. The solution serves as a searchable repository for users who need to understand how and where data is stored and how it can be used.

Collibra Lineage offers native lineage for both the business and technical user. The new release now makes it possible for users to see the business glossary, business processes and technical lineage in a single view. Other key capabilities include business-friendly visualization, indirect lineage, lineage comparison, intelligent faceting and filtering, in-line context of transofrmation code and exportable lineage diagrams.

In a statement to Solutions Review about the news, Collibra’s Chief Product Officer Jim Cushman told us: “Unlike traditional data management tools and stand-alone point solutions that offer disparate tools for the technical user, Collibra provides native lineage for both the business user and technical user via an integrated, enterprise-wide platform. Because of this visibility into data relationships, customers will be able to ensure that accurate and trustworthy data is used in analysis to drive business decisions.”

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