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Data Governance vs. Big Data Governance

In this video for Big Data & Brews, Datameer‘s CEO Stefan Groschup compares how traditional Data Governance is being challenged by the emergence of Big Data. As a result of increasingly expanding stores of unstructured data, Hadoop has emerged as a major player in the data market, allowing for increased functionality across the enterprise. However, Groschup explains that these new technologies lack the kinds of governance feature enhancements that organizations have grown accustomed to deploying inside their traditional data architectures, making enterprise-wide adoption an issue.

He explains that if Hadoop is to become the new data warehouse, Data Governance must be optimized for far more environments. Data Governance should cover both structured data and Big Data in theory, but that’s not yet the case. As the Big Data market matures, vendors are competing mainly in niche features and software pricing when they should be battling one another on who offers the best governance toolsets. Legal and compliance requirements for the use of Big Data are going to force the market to evolve, but enterprises first need to re-purpose their environments for these changes to occur.

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