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Data Management News for the Week of June 28; Updates from CData Software, DataStax, Denodo & More

Solutions Review Executive Editor Tim King curated this list of notable data management news for the week of June 28, 2024.

Keeping tabs on all the most relevant big data and data management news can be a time-consuming task. As a result, our editorial team aims to provide a summary of the top headlines from the last week, in this space. Solutions Review editors will curate vendor product news, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital funding, talent acquisition, and other noteworthy big data and data management news items.

Top Data Management News for the Week Ending June 28, 2024

Bigeye Launches New System Integrator Partner Program

The Bigeye Systems Integrator Partner Program is an ecosystem of partners who are equipped to deliver state-of-the-art data solutions to their clients. As the demand for data observability continues to grow, partners in this program will be uniquely positioned to capitalize on this growth, driving both innovation and business expansion.

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CData Software Raises $350 Million in New Venture Capital

Over 7,000 organizations, including Office Depot, Holiday Inn, and FedEx, rely on CData to solve their toughest data connectivity challenges. Hundreds of major data management providers and independent software vendors (ISVs), including Google, Salesforce, and Informatica also embed CData technologies into their platforms to support their customers’ rapidly expanding data integration needs.

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DataStax Announces New ‘Major’ Updates

Developers benefit from lightning-fast data ingestion through quick conversion of large data sets and common document types into vector data. This new integration then enables these embeddings to be quickly written to Astra DB for highly relevant GenAI similarity searches. When managing very large datasets, users can convert that data into embeddings and write them to Astra DB in just minutes.

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Denodo Unveils Platform Version 9.0

With the new features in Denodo Platform 9.0, the system will learn as users interact with the data, and it will provide automated recommendations of the best data to use, based on each user’s need-of-the-moment. This will greatly increase productivity for a wide range of users, as they will not have to stop and try to figure out which data to use, or where to find it.

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Hydrolix Launches New Partner Network

By building products powered by the Hydrolix streaming data lake, partners can offer their customers hot access to four times more data at one fourth the cost. The program delivers partners a speedy path to revenue that requires minimal in-house resources, giving them the option to have Hydrolix deploy and manage the solution for them as well as provide full go-to-market support.

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Precisely Unveils New Cloud Services and Deployment Options

With these additions, the Data Integrity Suite now delivers a complete set of capabilities that seamlessly connect through its Data Integrity Foundation. Featuring a shared data catalog, machine-learning-powered intelligence and hybrid execution agents to run workloads in any data environment, the Data Integrity Foundation is key to accessing the most critical capabilities needed for trusted, AI-ready data.

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Promethium Achieves SOC 2 Type II Certification

onducted by Johanson Group and assisted by Trustero, the completion of the comprehensive audit demonstrates Promethium’s long-term commitment to providing its customers with unprecedented transparency, privacy, and data security. As the first AI-native data fabric platform, Promethium enables organizations to streamline their data management processes, enhance analytical capabilities, and drive informed decision-making.

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Reltio Appoints Mihir Shah to Board

Shah brings to Reltio many years of experience in the financial sector and deep technical expertise. Shah also currently serves as an Advisor in Residence for Ernest & Young, a venture partner with F-Prime Capital and Eight Roads Ventures Europe, an Industry Research Fellow at MIT Sloan School of Management, and Emeritus Board member of

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SingleStore Announces Apache Iceberg Integration

SingleStore’s new integration is intended to solve precisely that, providing low-latency ingestion, bi-directional data flow and real-time application performance at lower costs for modern intelligent applications and analytics. SingleStore’s customers, many of whom use Apache Iceberg for their data lakes and commercial lakehouses, have expressed a strong interest like this.

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Solix Unveils New ECS Solution

Solix ECS, with its advanced cloud and AI capabilities, transforms document management for accounting and finance teams, helping them realize significant efficiencies across payments, collections, vendor or customer onboarding, audit queries, compliance, and insights delivery.

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Teradata Names Chad Bennett as New SVP of Corporate Development

Bennett was previously part of Craig-Hallum Capital, where he was Senior Vice President/Partner Equity Research and responsible for primary coverage of SaaS and software companies, including Teradata. He brings strong analytic and strategic skills to Teradata based on his more than 20 years as a seasoned sell-side analyst.

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New Insight Jam Podcast: the Alex Gallego Interview (CEO of Redpanda Data)

Alex shares his remarkable journey from Colombia to Silicon Valley and discusses the future of AI-driven applications. They explore the balance between efficiency and connection in remote work, including strategies for maintaining creativity in a virtual environment.

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SR Thought Leader: Dr. Joe Perez Compares Data Viz and Governance as Partners in Progress

In the realm of data, where information flows like a vast ocean, the human mind often struggles to grasp the immensity of it all. Yet, within this sea of numbers lies a symphony of insights waiting to be revealed. This is where the art of data visualization steps in, acting as the conductor, transforming raw data into captivating visual narratives that resonate at a glance.

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SR Thought Leader: Nicola Askham Reveals that Data Quality is the ‘Secret Sauce’ for GenAI Success

We often marvel at the sheer scale of Large Language Models (LLMs). These behemoths owe their ‘largeness’ to the vast volumes of data they are trained on, collected from a myriad of sources. The lifeblood of these models is the quality of this big data. It’s through this data that the models learn the intricate dance of language patterns, enabling them to generate coherent and contextually accurate responses.

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