Ad Image Unveils New Suite of Governance and Automation Features Unveils New Suite of Governance and Automation Features Unveils New Suite of Governance and Automation Features

Source: announced a suite of new features aimed at easing data discovery and access, automating workflows, and enabling self-service for data workers. New capabilities are available to enterprise customers and include Search Builder, Sensitive Data Discovery, and SQL and SPARQL Time Travel. Another feature, called Concept Cards, is set to be released later in the year.

Our Buyer’s Guide for Data Management Platforms helps you evaluate the best solution for your use case and features profiles of the leading providers, as well as a category overview of the marketplace. offers a cloud-native enterprise data catalog that provides complete context so users can understand their data, regardless of where it resides. This includes metadata, dashboards, analysis, code, docs, project management, and social media collaboration capabilities. The product automatically builds a connected web of data and insights so users can explore relationships as well, and provides recommendations on related assets to improve analysis. is unique due to its continuous release cycle. Search Builder allows users to perform comprehensive searches with multiple filters, logical operators, categories, and custom metadata fields. Sensitive Data Discovery automates discovery and classification, making it easier for stewards to identify sensitive data and take action on it within the data catalog. SQL and SPARQL Time Travel provides more granular insight into audit trails and analysis of data that is snapshotted across time.

In a media statement on the news, Chief Product Officer Jon Loyens said: “Our top objective is to help customers be more efficient and effective in their data work. Whether they want to democratize data access, monetize data assets, or simply need to meet governance and compliance requirements, we are continuously innovating to deliver experiences that align to our customer’s goals and brings people closer together in data and analytics work.”

Read Do you know where your sensitive data lives? in the company’s blog to learn more.

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