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DataStax Releases Open-Source Kubernetes Operator for Cassandra

DataStax Releases Open-Source Kubernetes Operator for Cassandra
DataStax Releases Open-Source Kubernetes Operator for Cassandra

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DataStax recently released code for an Apache Cassandra Kubernetes operator, according to a press release on the company’s website. The Kubernetes Operator for Apache Cassandra will, according to the provider: “help enterprises and users succeed with scale-out, cloud-native data.” DataStax is making the Kubernetes operator available via open-source and in partnership with the community. The Kubernetes Operator for Apache Cassandra is now available.

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DataStax offers a distributed hybrid cloud database built on Apache Cassandra. The company’s flagship product is DataStax Enterprise, a solution that makes it easy for enterprise to exploit hybrid and multi-cloud environments via a data layer that eliminates complexity associated with deploying applications across multiple on-prem data centers or multiple public clouds. Its enterprise data layer eliminates data silos and cloud vendor lock-in and powers mission-critical applications.

This new operator is used in DataStax Astra, the company’s database-as-a-service offering. Major benefits of a Kubernetes operator for Cassandra are zero downtime, no lock-in, and up-to global scale. This news comes on the heels of DataStax’s recent acquisition of The Last Pickle, an Apache Cassandra consulting services company.

In a statement to Solutions Review, DataStax Vice President of Developer Relations Patrick McFadin told us: “We are now beginning to see stateful apps go cloud-native, but managing data for stateful Kubernetes workloads across clouds requires enormous scale-out elasticity. This is where Apache Cassandra can really shine. As an already proven scale-out distributed database, Cassandra can power data wherever Kubernetes goes with zero operational downtime, massive scalability, and cross-cloud capabilities. We hope the cass-operator will contribute to standardization where Cassandra is the database of choice for the Kubernetes community.”

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