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Dremio Unveils SQL-Based Data Lakehouse Service Dremio Cloud

Dremio Unveils SQL-Based Data Lakehouse Service Dremio Cloud
Dremio Unveils SQL-Based Data Lakehouse Service Dremio Cloud

Source: Dremio

Dremio recently announced the launch of Dremio Cloud, the company’s new cloud-native SQL-based data lakehouse service. Dremio Cloud enables customers to utilize a no-copy open data architecture that eliminates the need for data warehouses. The service combines features from traditional data warehouses and data lakes into an SQL architecture. It also enables high performance SQL workloads directly on cloud storage. According to the company, users can be up and running with Dremio Cloud in five minutes.

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Dremio offers a product called Data Lake engine that provides fast query speed and a self-service semantic layer that operates directly against data lake storage. The solution connects to S3, ADLS, Hadoop, or wherever enterprise data resides. Apache Arrow, Data Reflections, and other Dremio technologies work together to hasten query speeds, and the semantic layer enables IT to apply security and business meaning. Users do not have to send data to Dremio or have it stored in proprietary formats to access it.

Dremio Cloud touts automatic onboarding that establishes the necessary connection to a user’s AWS account. Users have no software to install, configure or upgrade, and no infrastructure to size, manage, or monitor. It includes Dremio’s patent-pending query acceleration technologies, a semantic layer, and native single-sign-on connectors in Tableau and Power BI. When user demand goes to zero during idle times, customers incur zero Dremio and AWS costs. Additional financial governance capabilities provide visibility, control, and predictability of costs.

In a media statement on the news, Dremio Founder and Chief Product Officer Tomer Shiran said: “We built Dremio to automatically handle any scale with consistent query performance so companies could achieve data democratization while only paying for what they truly need. This type of cost-effective and highly performant scaling was a central design tenet of Dremio. We wanted to be sure data teams could achieve superior price-performance and trust the cost transparency of our platform.”

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