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Gartner Names 4 Cool Vendors in Data Management, 2017

Gartner Names 4 Cool Vendors in Data Management, 2017
Gartner Names 4 Cool Vendors in Data Management, 2017

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Gartner’s newest Data Management report highlights five emerging vendors in the space that offer innovative alternatives to enterprises looking to alter the strategies they deploy for information management. Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Data Management, 2017 report  takes particular interest in the unified data access, metadata management and real-time integration techniques that top CIO wish lists.

The enterprise technology research giant recommends that CIOs and data analytics leaders “Embrace metadata management solutions to gain an understanding of how data is used, accessed and interrelates”, adding “this will be instrumental in identifying data of high value and related critical path dependencies within organizations.” Gartner believes that while enterprises have grown to understand how to manage and store data using dedicated platforms, they still struggle to access it effectively. Now on to the vendors:


Gluent provides data virtualization middleware (Gluent Data Platform) which offloads data from traditional RDBMS systems to Hadoop, and allows transparent access to the offloaded data. With no need for ETL, this allows companies to preserve investment in current application platforms, reduce their SAN and RDBMS license costs while leveraging the scalability and elasticity of cloud-based on on-premise Hadoop clusters. Why cool?


Iguazio’s Continuous Analytics Data Platform enables enterprises to integrate into modern applications over a commodity-based infrastructure. The Iguazio platform supports simultaneous high-performance access through multiple industry standard and Amazon-compatible streaming, as well as table, object, and file APIs. Data is stored in a normalized form just once, eliminating the need for copies and long transformations between data models. Why cool?

Rokitt Astra

Rokitt Astra is an algorithmic solution that enables enterprises to discover more information about its data and data relationships. It enables organizations to understand how data flows through enterprise. Their product uses Machine Learning and brute force algorithmic analysis to discover previously unknown metadata and data relationships in order to be able to manage data, reduce regulatory risk to businesses and open opportunities to leverage data assets. Why cool?


StreamSets software delivers performance management for data flows that feed next-genration big data applications. Its mission is to bring operational excellence to the management of data in motion, so that data continually arrives on-time and with quality, empowering business-critical analysis and decision-making. Why cool?

Read the complete report. Be sure to also check out Solutions Review’s online directory of Data Management providers that we’re watching in the months ahead.

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