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Immuta Updates Data Governance Tool with New Snowflake Integrations

Immuta Updates Data Governance Tool with New Snowflake Integrations
Immuta Updates Data Governance Tool with New Snowflake Integrations

Source: Immuta

Immuta recently announced the release of new capabilities that expand its integration with the Snowflake cloud data warehouse, according to a press release. The update streamlines the data governance experience for joint customers and enables Immuta to provide a scalable and automated way to author data access control policies. First introduced in May 2020, this integration provides the ability for users to deploy Snowflake row access and column masking policies, as well as utilize object tagging.

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Immuta’s automated data governance platform lets users discover and access data through a dedicated data catalog. The product features an intuitive policy builder that provides author policies in plain English, without code so security leaders can write policies across any data. Immuta also enables compliant collaboration via projects, controlled workspaces where users can share data. When users switch projects, they assume the right permissions and controls. Immuta runs as a containerized solution on-prem, in the cloud or via a hybrid model.

Immuta’s automated policies are built in a way that dynamically injects user attributes at policy invocation, avoiding the need to build policies for each user scenario. Automated policies are represented in plain English, rather than SQL roles and code as well. Immuta policy management also allows Snowflake data teams to easily prove compliant data use and investigate incidents.

New non-Snowflake features included in the release are impersonation, which enables data teams to impersonate users on top of SaaS data warehouses, and customized sensitive data discovery for automating discovery and classification on sensitive data. There’s also a new Approve to Promote capability for organizations with audit and validation requirements.

In a media statement on the news, Immuta CTO Steve Touw said: “Since launching our partnership in early 2020, Immuta and Snowflake have helped data-driven organizations confidently mobilize and share large amounts of sensitive information. With our enhanced Snowflake integration, we are greatly streamlining the data governance experience for joint customers. Rather than focusing most of their time on managing access control, data platform owners can focus on delivering data to consumers, enabling them to speed up and de-risk their ability to evolve data policies.”

Read New Snowflake Data Governance Automation and Innovation Across Cloud Data in the company’s blog to learn more.

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