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Immuta Upgrades Automated Data Governance Tool with New Features

Immuta Upgrades Automated Data Governance Tool with New Features
Immuta Upgrades Automated Data Governance Tool with New Features

Source: Immuta

Automated data governance provider Immuta has announced new privacy and security automation features, as well as native support for Snowflake. Updated capabilities include k-anonymization, which adds to Immuta’s suite of Privacy-Enhancing Technologies, and automated decryption of cloud-based data. The native integration with Snowflake lets joint users analyze and share sensitive data and comes on the heels of a new partnership between the two data management companies.

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Immuta’s automated data governance platform lets users discover and access data through a dedicated data catalog. The product features an intuitive policy builder that provides author policies in plain English, without code so security leaders can write policies across any data. Immuta also enables compliant collaboration via projects, controlled workspaces where users can share data. When users switch projects, they assume the right permissions and controls. Immuta runs as a containerized solution on-prem, in the cloud or via a hybrid model.

The k-anonymization feature provides access and utility from a column while removing re-identification risk. In this way, Immuta automates manual procedures by applying k-anonymization based on a simple policy and for any database across the organization. New External Masking functionality lets customers utilize encrypted or tokenized cloud data for analytics by decrypting or de-tokenizing the data within analytics and BI tools in customer networks. Immuta automates decryption using an organizations’ external algorithms and keys as defined by an Immuta policy.

The new Snowflake integration lets Immuta enforce all access controls and Privacy-Enhancing Technologies natively in Snowflake. Customers can define policies within the Immuta platform based on Snowflake tables and metadata describing those tables, and have those policies enforced when users are interacting with Snowflake. The full suite of Immuta Privacy-Enhancing Technologies are available to Snowflake customers as well.

In a media statement about the news, Immuta co-founder and CTO Steve Touw said: “We’re introducing a safer, more dynamic, more cost-effective approach to managing security and privacy for cloud analytics, so companies no longer have to choose between data utility and data privacy. Now, highly sensitive data can be ingested in encrypted form to the cloud, with Immuta automatically managing access control and automatically injecting the right privacy protections, such as our new k-anonymization technique.”

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