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Infogix Data360 Gets Kafka Streaming Data Quality, New Asset Browser

Infogix Data360 Gets Kafka Streaming Data Quality, New Asset Browser
Infogix Data360 Gets Kafka Streaming Data Quality, New Asset Browser

Source: Infogix on YouTube

Infogix has announced updates to Infogix Data360, the company’s flagship data management platform. The new version was unveiled via a press release. The product consumes and outputs Apache Kafka messaging in real-time as to reconcile information between systems. Infogix then applies data quality logic to streaming messages and validates them. There’s also a new feature called Asset Browser that provides a visual user experience to data governance based on lineage and asset relationships.

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Asset Browser’s interactive browser enables users to get answers to questions easily about data assets and objects governed with Infogix Data360. The capability touts a streamlined interface that lets you click directly on data assets to uncover answers about data. These updates are aimed at providing a way to measure data quality and deliver clean, meaningful data. The collaborative features are also unique in the data management marketplace.

Infogix offers a suite of integrated data governance capabilities that include business glossaries, data cataloging, data lineage, and metadata management. The tool also provides customizable dashboards and zero-code workflows that adapt as each organizational data capability matures. Organizations use Infogix for data governance and for risk, compliance and data value management. The product is also flexible and easy to use, and supports smaller data analysis jobs as well.

In a media statement about the news, Infogix Executive Vice President of Product Management Emily Washington said: “Apache Kafka addresses the critical needs of today’s data users by immediately sending new or updated data from the source system to the target system. However, as organizations continue to invest in Apache Kafka, they are unable to monitor data volumes for anomalies, which could affect decision-making and business outcomes. Event-driven frameworks that allow the transfer of data in real-time are the future of digital-first enterprises and will act as a critical component to their data fabric.”

Solutions Review recently named Infogix one of the Best Metadata Management Tools for 2020.

Learn more about Infogix Data360.

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