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Informatica Merges Data Management and AI in Platform Update

Informatica Merges Data Management and AI in Platform Update
Informatica Merges Data Management and AI in Platform Update

Source: Informatica

Informatica today unveiled the latest version of many core components in its Intelligent Data Platform. The release is powered by the CLAIRE engine, which provides unified metadata intelligence to hasten workloads across the portfolio of tools. CLAIRE uses machine learning and other AI techniques to enhance data management and governance processes.

The Informatica Enterprise Information Catalog can discover and catalog all types of data and data relationships across an organization with AI-driven metadata management so that no relevant or useful data remains hidden or obscure. The update also provides an included data governance tool that utilizes modular and integrated components of the main platform, including Informatica’s Axon, Enterprise Information Catalog, Data Quality, and Secure@Source.

Informatica breathes new life into hybrid data management with hybrid and multi-cloud deployments with Hadoop ecosystem support (including latest versions of Amazon EMR, Amazon S3, Redshift, Microsoft HDI, Azure DW, MapR, Cloudera, Hortonworks, ADLS, and BLOB). Additional capabilities include rapid one-click, zero-footprint cloud deployments, and hub-based orchestration

The new release also includes data security features for business outcomes, including GDPR. Informatica can detect and protect critical business data across the environment with comprehensive data-centric security that encompasses data discovery, classification, User Behavior Analytics, risk scoring, and automated protection.

In a statement to Solutions Review, Informatica’s VP and General Manager of Data Integration and Cloud Ronen Schwartz explained: “If data is a company’s biggest treasure, then Informatica is delivering the treasure map with advanced tools to find the treasure – wherever it is. Data is everywhere in the organization and Informatica is now collecting technical, business, operations and usage metadata across the enterprise. Leveraging ‘out-of-the-box’ metadata scanners for all enterprise data, including integration tools, cloud and on-premises applications across Azure and AWS environments, any big data environment, data lakes and even unstructured data – we build the complete data graph. Finding the data is now possible, but this is just the starting point; we have implemented AI to guide our customers to better leverage the data, understand the usage, trust, freshness quality and more.”

Read the press release.

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