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Informatica Unveils New Cloud Data Governance & Catalog Solution

Informatica Unveils New Cloud Data Governance & Catalog Solution
Informatica Unveils New Cloud Data Governance & Catalog Solution

Source: Informatica

Informatica recently announced the launch of a new enterprise-scale data governance catalog as-a-service solution called Informatica Cloud Data Governance & Catalog. The product is designed to help organizations modernize their data and analytics governance programs by bringing together data cataloging, quality, data and AI governance capabilities with metadata-driven features, all in the cloud. The news comes on the heels of Informatica’s unveiling of a new NVIDIA-powered data integration engine.

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Informatica’s big data management platform allows organizations to access, integrate, clean, master, govern and secure big data. The tool features purpose-built connectors to hundreds of data sources, real-time streaming, and mass ingestion. Informatica’s visual developer interface also ensures that the best open-source platforms can be adopted without sacrificing usability. Public cloud support for Big Data Management is available on AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Informatica Cloud Data Governance & Catalog is a key component of the company’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud. It also acts as a cloud-native SaaS solution for data intelligence so customers can find, understand, trust, and access the data needed for cloud analytics and data science. According to Informatica, this is the “industry’s first” integrated solution for governing both the AI models and the data that feeds the models. Customers can get started instantaneously with a flexible consumption-based pricing model as well.

In a media statement on the news, Informatica Chief Product Officer Jitesh Ghai said: “The demand for access to trusted data and actionable intelligence has never been greater. Our Cloud Data Governance & Catalog solution with the industry’s first holistic data and AI governance is a big step towards helping enterprises truly operationalize an AI-powered cloud-first, cloud-native approach to digital transformation.”

Watch Deliver Data Intelligence with Cloud Data Governance and Catalog on Informatica’s YouTube channel to learn more.

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