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MANTA Adds New Active Tags Feature to Data Lineage Platform

MANTA Adds New Active Tags Feature to Data Lineage Platform
MANTA Adds New Active Tags Feature to Data Lineage Platform

Source: MANTA

MANTA recently announced a collection of enhancements to its flagship data lineage platform for helping customers navigate complex data environments. The release is highlighted by a new active tags feature which allows users to highlight any asset in the context of their own data pipelines. In addition to active tags, MANTA Data Lineage includes new features for the platform’s available scanners. The product also includes a simpler configuration of MANTA Perspectives, a tool that lets you organize metadata into private folders and hierarchies.

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MANTA offers a unified data lineage platform that maps all information flows to provide a complete overview of your data pipeline. The product reveals the data’s origins and its journey through all data processing systems to you. MANTA automatically updates lineage whenever necessary and shows data flows in a way that is user-friendly, clear, and understandable. The solution was designed to be integrated into any data management ecosystem as well.

Users leveraging MANTA in hybrid environments will gain updated access to Open MANTA for building their own metadata ingestion process. The platform includes independent inclusion of Dictionary metadata for Open MANTA Integration Export, and in addition to supporting Docker container technology, now supports container orchestration system Kubernetes as well.

In a media statement on the news, MANTA SVP of Products Ernie Ostic said: “Organizations are increasingly becoming aware of data quality and privacy issues but cannot see how these issues are affecting their data pipeline. Without this context, it’s impossible to know how critical an issue is or what else within the business it might be disrupting. With active tags, users will now be able to flag, identify and draw attention to these issues within the data pipeline, enabling them to better visualize the issues and prioritize which need to be addressed first.”

Read MANTA Release 33: Active Tags, New PostgreSQL Scanners, Kubernetes, and More! in the company’s blog to learn more.

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