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MarkLogic 9 Hastens Data Integration, Expands Security

MarkLogic 9 Hastens Data Integration, Expands Security
MarkLogic 9 Hastens Data Integration, Expands Security

Source: The Oya Group

MarkLogic has released version 9 of its flagship database integration product. The announcement was made at the 12th annual MarkLogic World User conference in Chicago, IL. MarkLogic 9 features new Data Integration, security and management capabilities so that enterprises can obtain a unified cross-organizational view of data assets. The platform acts as an alternative to traditional ETL tools for database integration. Version 9 enables all the benefits of the NoSQL database combined with enterprise features like certified security and high availability. The platform was built atop advanced functionality such as bitemporal, semantics, and support for the cloud.

Notable integration and enhancements include the following:

  • Entity services allow organizations to manage data sources by defining and evolving a model and vocabulary that harmonizes entities, such as customers, products and the relationships between them
  • Optic API lets developers view their data as documents, graphs or rows

On the security spectrum, version 9 offers these new capabilities:

  • Advanced encryption protects data from hackers and insider threats using standards-based cryptography, advanced key management and granular separation of duties
  • Element-level security moves beyond document-level security to allow specific elements of a document to be hidden from particular users for more data protection
  • Redaction eliminates the exposure of sensitive data by removing specific information or replacing it with other values to prevent leakage

In a statement, the vendor’s Executive Vice President of Products Joe Pasqua added: “Our global customers have the most demanding applications in the world and they have played an integral role in helping us shape what is a major step forward in the way next-generation databases are used and the value they bring. To stay competitive in a world where data is exploding and requirements change daily, enterprises need to able to leverage their data assets quickly, efficiently, securely and in real-time. MarkLogic 9’s new cutting-edge capabilities will make their jobs easier and their results better.”

Read the press release.

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