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MarkLogic Unveils New Automated Cloud Data Hub Service

MarkLogic Unveils New Automated Cloud Data Hub Service
MarkLogic Unveils New Automated Cloud Data Hub Service

Source: MarkLogic

MarkLogic recently announced the release of its new Data Hub Service, an automated cloud product that allows organizations to integrate, store and prepare data. The service is built on MarkLogic’s multi-model database. Data Hub Services uses the same technology that was first delivered in the company’s Query Service.

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MarkLogic offers an operational and transactional enterprise NoSQL database that is designed to integrate, store, manage, and search for data. Organizations can ingest structured and unstructured data with a flexible data model that adapts to changing data. It also natively stores JSON, XML, text, and geospatial data. MarkLogic’s Universal Index enables users to search across all data, and APIs enable application development and deployment. The database has ACID transactions, scalability and elasticity, and certified security as well.

Data Hub handles different data types like RDBMS, message buses and streaming data to be integrated, curated, mastered, governed, searched and queried all in the same architecture. MarkLogic is also making security a major priority here, as the technology integrates data with enterprise-grade safety. It also features advanced capabilities such as data lineage tracking, encryption and anonymization.

In a press statement, the company’s Head of Product Joe Pasqua said: “MarkLogic Data Hub Service is actually Data Lakes done right. Data Lakes were pointed in the right general direction, but ignored basic realities of life in the enterprise. MarkLogic Data Hub Service delivers on the promise of Data Lakes by making it simple to manage, curate, secure, operate and operationalize data to drive real business outcomes.”

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