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MemSQL Announces Helios Cloud Service and Beta 7.0 Release

MemSQL Announces Helios Cloud Service and Beta 7.0 Release
MemSQL Announces Helios Cloud Service and Beta 7.0 Release

Source: MemSQL on YouTube

MemSQL has announced the release of an on-demand elastic cloud service called MemSQL Helios, as well as version 7 of its SQL database in Beta. Helios is fully-managed and makes the company’s operational database available in public cloud environments. MemSQL 7.0 will launch with new SingleStore and system of record capabilities aimed at making MemSQL a trusted solution for Tier 1 workloads.

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MemSQL can ingest and transform millions of events per day while also analyzing billions of rows of data using standard SQL. It can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud via Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, or as a service including drop-in compatibility with existing middleware, integration, and BI software. The tool offers excellent real-time data streaming capabilities, and now provides more efficient query isolation for large volumes of data and many users.

SingleStore is a unique capability because it helps reduce the time taken choosing between rowstore or a columnstore for workloads. The system of record add-ons include two key durability features, incremental backup and synchronous replication with little performance penalty.

In a statement to Solutions Review, the company’s VP of Product Management Rick Negrin told us: “Until now, MemSQL has lacked two key durability features needed for system of record workloads, both of which are now available in MemSQL 7.0. The first is the ability to regularly back up recently changed data. The second is the ability to replicate a synchronized copy of your data with no performance hit. Taken together, this means MemSQL can now be fully trusted for your most critical data workloads.”

MemSQL Helios is available now in private review, and the Beta of MemSQL 7.0 will be available later in 2019.

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