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MemSQL Rolls New Security and Analytics Features into Its Database

MemSQL Rolls New Security and Analytics Features into Its Database
MemSQL Rolls New Security and Analytics Features into Its Database

Source: MemSQL

MemSQL is adding new analytical capabilities to its main database product, according to a press release. MemSQL version 6.8 also features new advanced security support with Kerberos and wire encryption for HDFS Pipelines along with ad hoc query performance enhancements. The updated solution is now available for current customers, and comes on the heels of the company’s last release in November when it added a free tier and cluster monitoring tools.

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MemSQL can ingest and transform millions of events per day while also analyzing billions of rows of data using standard SQL. It can be deploted on-prem, in the cloud via Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, or as a service including drop-in compatibility with existing middleware, integration, and BI software. The tool offers excellent real-time data streaming capabilities, and now provides more efficient query isolation for large volumes of data and many users.

Version 6.8 is highlighted by an attempt at speedier ad hoc querying, something MemSQL is referring to as Interpret First Query Compilation. It allows users to avoid having to go through an entire compilation step before starting to run code. The feature enables first run queries to run 10-to-100 times faster without hints or tuning. There’s also expanded SQL coverage aimed at simplifying query design and migrations from legacy databases that support ANSI SQL. The new query types include RIGHT SEMI, ANTI, and OUTER JOIN.

We reached out to MemSQL for comment, and the company’s co-founder and Chief of Technology Adam Prout said: “From the start, we’ve worked to make MemSQL the fastest database in the world. And MemSQL 6.8 is no different. We’ve made ad-hoc queries run 10-100 times faster. But speed isn’t the only thing we’re focused on with 6.8. We’re showing enterprises why MemSQL is the best database for their business, no matter what their workload.”

MemSQL also took some time to brag about its database speeds, claiming that its product benchmarked up to 8 times faster than the competition. We encourage you to judge the results on your own. Solutions Review included MemSQL as one of The 10 Best Data Management Solutions for Analytics in 2019 late last year.

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