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Monte Carlo Unveils Machine Learning-Based Insights Capability

Monte Carlo Unveils Machine Learning-Based Insights Capability
Monte Carlo Unveils Machine Learning-Based Insights Capability

Source: Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo recently announced the release of Insights, a new capability that helps customers understand which data is most important. The feature is built on Monte Carlo’s data observability platform and utilizes machine learning to monitor and rank events and assets based on their usage, relevance, and relationship to other tables and assets. According to Monte Carlo, Insights is the “first solution to offer customers operational analytics about their data platform.”

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Monte Carlo’s data observability platform utilizes best practices and principles of automatic application observability and applies them to data pipelines. This provides data engineers and analysts with visibility across all data pipelines and data products. Monte Carlo also offers machine learning that gives users a holistic view of an organization’s data health and reliability for important business use cases.

Monte Carlo Insights lets data teams access synthesized metadata to build dashboards, analyze data platform team performance, and even commit to and track SLA. The data itself can be downloaded as CSVs via the Monte Carlo CLI or in the app, and for Snowflake customers, can be accessed directly in their Snowflake environment via secure data sharing. This level of detail makes it possible for data teams to understand what data matters most to the business based on usage, access, data quality checks, and automatic lineage.

In a media statement on the news, Monte Carlo co-founder and CTO Lior Gavish said: “Monte Carlo’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of data by eliminating data downtime – in other words, giving data teams the tools necessary to trust their data. Insights puts the metadata Monte Carlo generates in the hands of data engineers to help them answer the most important questions around how their efforts ultimately lead to higher quality data. Finally, businesses can get a holistic, end-to-end view of data health and utilization across the business.”

Read Monte Carlo Launches Insights to Help Data Teams Understand What Data Matters Most to Your Business in the company’s blog to learn more.

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