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Octopai Launches Data Lineage XD and Associated Platform

Octopai Launches Data Lineage XD and Associated Platform
Octopai Launches Data Lineage XD and Associated Platform

Source: Octopai

Octopai recently announced the launch of Data Lineage XD and release of an associated multidimensional platform, according to a press release. Octopai Data Lineage XD provides a complete, in-depth view of data flow. According to Octopai, the release adds “Octopai’s new platform takes data lineage from the classic, monolithic, limited view of data to a multi-dimensional approach by offering three layers of data lineage.” The product’s visual representations eases the discovery of the data flow and movement from source to destination.

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Octopai is a centralized, cross-platform metadata management automation solution that enables data and analytics teams to discover and govern shared metadata. The product does metadata scanning by automatically gathering it from ETL, databases and reporting tools. Metadata is stored and managed in a central repository, and a smart engine using hundreds of crawlers searches all metadata and presents results quickly. Octopai is best used for use cases in business intelligence, governance, and data cataloging.

Octopai Data Lineage XD layers include cross-system lineage, inner-system lineage, and end-to-end column lineage. Cross-system lineage provides end-to-end lineage at the system level from the entry point into BI and analytics. Inner-system lineage details the column-level lineage within an ETL process, report, or database object. End-to-end lineage is particularly important for regulations, impact analysis and root cause analysis.

In a media statement on the news, Octopai CEO Amnon Drori said “We are seeing more than ever that data access no longer resides in the Business Intelligence department alone; executives throughout a corporation need access to accurate data, fast. Our platform addresses the needs of each data user, providing a complete data lineage solution at every level. Our customers feel that with our platform they are getting a premium platform at an affordable price.”

Octopai Data Lineage XD takes roughly one hour to get running, and does not require any additional dedicated resources.

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