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Once Toro Data Labs, Bigeye Raises Funding for Data Observability Tool

Once Toro Data Labs, Bigeye Raises Funding for Data Observability Tool
Once Toro Data Labs, Bigeye Raises Funding for Data Observability Tool

Source: Bigeye

Formerly Toro Data Labs, Bigeye recently announced a new Series B funding round worth $45 million. According to Bigeye, the funding will largely be used to further the company’s leadership in what is now becoming an emerging category in data management. The capital injection was led by Coatue with participation from new and existing investors. On the heels of its $17 million Series A raise in April, the funding brings the company’s total to a reported $66 million to date.

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Bigeye is a data observability platform that helps teams measure, improve, and communicate data quality. The product enables users to find missing and busted reporting data before executives see it in a dashboard. Customers are then warned about data issues in training data before models ger retrained on it. Bigeye also lets users monitor for freshness, volume, formats, categories, outliers, and distributions. The solution can be connected to your infrastructure with APIs as well.

The funding will enable Bigeye to scale its team to address the rising demand for data observability, continue building on its product leadership, help more data teams prevent customer-facing data outages, and save customers engineering hours. Bigeye’s customer roster covers a growing range of industries, including food delivery, financial services, machine learning providers, ed-tech, and more.

In a media statement on the news, Bigeye  CEO Kyle Kirwan said: “Data quality is hands down the biggest challenge most data teams face today, and they’re under enormous pressure to deliver high-quality data. But the tooling hasn’t caught up, demanding heroic levels of effort to keep things running smoothly. Our mission is to make it effortless for data teams to build and maintain world-class quality data for their organizations.”

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