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OpenText Launches New Information Management Advisory Services

OpenText Launches New Information Management Advisory Services
OpenText Launches New Information Management Advisory Services

Source: OpenText

OpenText recently announced the launch of OpenText Advisory Services, a new suite of professional services offerings to support customers in their information management efforts. OpenText Advisory Services can be tailored to organizational needs and cover a range of information management disciplines including strategy, governance, adoption, security management, AI, and operational optimization. The offering features close partnerships with a team of experts led by a dedicated information architect.

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OpenText is a publicly-traded Canadian enterprise information management (EIM) vendor. The company offers five separate solution suites that deal with targeting unstructured data sources. The tools can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud. OpenText was founded in 1991 and was originally intended to be used for search engine technology adopted by one of its first customers Yahoo!.

Customers interested in OpenText Advisory Services can expect a clear information management vision to optimize alignment with strategic business initiatives, a roadmap to establish an agile transformation strategy, and best practices solution architecture to help ensure governance and guide future investments. The offering includes more than 3,000 information management experts and is renewable year over year.

In a media statement on the news, OpenText Executive Vice President of Customer Solutions Kristina Lengyel said: “Technology is just one piece of a successful digital transformation journey. OpenText has more than 3,000 experienced Information Management professionals ready to support our customers in executing their digital transformation. This hands-on expertise ensures that our customers’ Information Management investments create a competitive advantage and long-term business success.”

Learn more about OpenText Advisory Services.

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