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Pivotal Makes Major Product Announcements at Its Greenplum Summit

Pivotal Makes Major Product Announcements at Its Greenplum Summit
Pivotal Makes Major Product Announcements at Its Greenplum Summit

Source: Pivotal

Pivotal Software has announced updates to its popular Greenplum analytic database, as well as a new product called Pivotal Postgres, an enterprise distribution of open source Postgres. Pivotal made the announcements at its annual Greenplum Summit in New York. The update (version 6) features fast analytic reads with improved write performance to help users consolidate analytic and operational workloads in a single environment.

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Pivotal’s release notes use point queries, data science exploration, fast event processing and long-running queries as examples of what the performance enhancements will better enable over the previous version. As a result, Greenplum 6 allows users to analyze more data without unwanted movement between database environments. Greenplum for Kubernetes is also available for Pivotal Container Service, and helps to automate self-service deployment, management, and upgrades for a variety of Greenplum nodes.

The new Pivotal Postgres operational database is open source Postgres and packaged with the modules required in large production deployments like Replication Manager. Pivotal will curate more of these supporting modules over time as well. The company adds: “It can handle many data models including relational, object-relational, and graph, as well as many data types and languages. This allows developers to cast a broad net with Postgres and simplify their portfolio with fewer specialized data stores.”

In a media statement, the company’s VP of Data Jacque Istok said of the news: “We’re now combining [Greenplum] with our market-leading experience with the platform, tools, and methodologies for modern application transformation, in order to make Greenplum a first-class citizen in a modern software setting. We’re now also applying our Postgres expertise to offer our customers enterprise support for operational databases in the form of Pivotal Postgres.”

Pivotal offers integration with cloud data repositories and data lakes via external tables that provide access to data stored outside Greenplum as it if it were stored in regular database tables. Pivotal also includes business continuity add-ons like intelligent fault detection, incremental backup, and disaster recovery.

Solutions Review named Pivotal one of The 10 Best Data Management Solutions for Analytics in 2019 back in November.

Read more about the news here and here in the company’s blog.

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