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PlanetScale Unveils Multi-Cloud, Multi-Region Database Service

PlanetScale Unveils Multi-Cloud, Multi-Region Database Service
PlanetScale Unveils Multi-Cloud, Multi-Region Database Service

Source: PlanetScale

PlanetScale has announced the launch PlanetScaleDB, a database-as-a-service product built on Kubernetes and open-source Vitess. PlanetScaleDB enables companies to deploy, run and manage databases that span multiple cloud providers simultaneously. It also protects companies from service loss if their primary cloud provider goes down by letting them continue to serve data on a secondary cloud.

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PlanetScaleDB (formerly called PlanetScale CNDb) is a fully managed cloud-native database service that enables multi-vendor and Kubernetes-centric data management. The product is built on MySQL and open-source Vitess, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation hosted open-source project. PlanetScaleDB can be deployed, managed and monitored in multiple regions.

The official launch of PlanetScaleDB is highlighted by new support for Microsoft Azure, in addition to Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. For each of the “big three’ cloud vendors, PlanetScale supports 4 regions (US East, US West, Europe and Asia). The service allows replicas for one database to run across multiple regions within a cloud provider. Companies can migrate between regions as well. Customers set one master database that they write to, and if the master experiences an outage, a replica in a different cloud can be quickly turned into the new master.

In a statement to Solutions Review, PlanetScale CEO and co-founder Jiten Vaidya: “The PlanetScale team has a unique combination of skills with engineering and operational backgrounds in scaling databasesaids in orchestration systems like Borg and Kubernetes. This makes us uniquely qualified to build and operate a secure database-as-a-service platform that is MySQL compatible, spans Kubernetes clusters across clouds with fast failovers, and provides truly large scale in terms of both size of data and read and write traffic volumes with low latency.”

PlanetScaleDB is now available in AWS and GCP, with multi-region, true multi-cloud clusters and support for Azure currently in beta.

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