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Profisee Launches ‘Industry First’ Containerized PaaS MDM Product

Profisee Launches 'Industry First' Containerized PaaS MDM Product
Profisee Launches 'Industry First' Containerized PaaS MDM Product

Source: Profisee

Profisee has announced the release and availability of its new containerized Platform as a Service (PaaS) multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) product, according to a press release. According to the provider, the “industry’s first and only” solution features easy configuration and can be quickly scaled up or down to achieve objectives. Profisee 2020 R1 enables customers to strike the right balance between cloud scalability and multi-domain flexibility in their MDM deployment.

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Profisee offers an MDM platform in three different iterations. The product touts a highly flexible modeling engine that allows users to model master data as it exists. Profisee also features batch integration, archiving and deployment, data steward FastApps, data analytics, hierarchy management and data quality rules. Customers can deploy Profisee on any applications and devices that are delivered on-prem, in the cloud or via a hybrid model.

The new PaaS MDM version of Profisee touts a new, simpler user interface (Workflow 2.0) for faster implementation. It also includes real-time matching and survivorship to support higher volume real-time updates. Enhanced Survivorship supports complex survivorship requirements out-of-the-box to minimize the time and resources taken up during implementation. The solution features improved flexibility and usability for data stewards as well.

In a statement to Solutions Review, the company’s Vice President and MDM Strategist Bill O’Kane said: “The full containerization embodied within this release allows a single code base to be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid configuration. Coupled with Profisee’s unique pricing models that encourage progressive adoption and value creation without penalizing buyers for implementing multiple master data domains or incremental groups of users, this release elevates the already ‘Fast, Affordable, and Scalable’ Profisee solution to the next level.”

Solutions Review recently named Profisee one of The 15 Best Master Data Management Tools (MDM Solutions) for 2020.

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