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Rubrik Andes 5.1 Touts New Governance and Data Protection Functionality

Rubrik Andes 5.1 Touts New Governance and Data Protection Functionality
Rubrik Andes 5.1 Touts New Governance and Data Protection Functionality

Source: Rubrik on YouTube

Rubrik has announced the release of Rubrik Andes version 5.1, featuring new solutions for data classification, automated disaster recovery orchestration, and continuous data protection across Rubrik Cloud Data Management and the Rubrik Polaris SaaS product. This is no traditional point release, as the single solution now enables Rubrik customers to manage, govern, and orchestrate data across the data center and cloud without having to rely on disparate tools to do so.

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The new Polaris Sonar application provides data discovery and classification so users can report on sensitive cross-enterprise data without adding infrastructure. It applies machine learning to first discover sensitive data like personally identifiable information so organizations can identify where data is located. Polaris AppFlows includes natively integrated disaster recovery orchestration of failover, failback, testing, and application migration from data centers to AWS. Rubrik also offers cloud-native protection in this space.

The continuous data protection in Rubrik Andes provides near-zero RPOs for VMware environments as an option by which customers define their data protection protocols. The journal-based approach means a continuous stream of recovery points for organizations to minimize data loss during an event. Rubrik explains: “One click within the SLA policy engine enables continuous data protection for the most critical VMs.”

Andes enables customers with large-scale AWS and Azure environments to unify their data management for multiple clouds and data centers under the provider’s SaaS-based Polaris GPS. Customers using cloud for data archival can use Azure’s Smart Data Tiering to store data at the lowest cost. Rubrik then automatically configures tiering rules to organize data based on access frequency and retention period.

Rubrik is also re-launching its Datos IO as Rubrik Mosaic, with availability in the Azure Marketplace. Learn more about Rubrik Andes 5.1 in the company’s blog.

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