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Semarchy xDM 5.3 Touts Simplified Cloud and On-Prem Data Integration

Semarchy xDM 5.3 Touts Simplified Cloud and On-Prem Data Integration
Semarchy xDM 5.3 Touts Simplified Cloud and On-Prem Data Integration

Source: Semarchy

Semarchy recently announced the release of Semarchy xDM 5.3, the latest version of its Intelligent Data Hub platform, according to a press release. Key tenets of the release include simplified deployment, administration, and integration in the cloud as well as on-prem environments. It also touts features to support the configuration and management of the data hubs.

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Semarchy is unique in its breadth of ability to master any kind of data (customer B2B and B2C, product data, reference data, metadata, location, organizer, supplier). Its product is designed on Google’s Material Design Language, and a recent interface update provides a more enhanced user experience. xDM intelligently automates the generation of physical tables, the data certification framework, enrichment and standardization process, and integration intelligently.

Semarchy xDM 5.3 now lets administrators manage users and roles as well as Single Sign-On in xDM with support for all identity providers and protocols. Connectivity to data stores used by the data hubs, xDM Dashboard, and xDM Discovery is now centralized within the platform as well. Admins and designers can now also store and manage sensitive configuration items with the highest level of security. Additional new capabilities to expose and propagate data assets include data notifications and database views.

In a media statement on the news, Semarchy CEO T.H. Herbert said “With a growing number of clients deploying, maintaining, and integrating the Semarchy Intelligent Data Hub in multi-cloud, or hybrid cloud and on-premises environments, infrastructure and security can become complex and challenging. With the features introduced in xDM 5.3, we continue to enhance our data hub platform to allow enterprises to rapidly solve such challenges, and achieve their data management goals even faster and more comprehensively than before.”

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