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Snowflake Updates Data Cloud at Annual User Conference

Snowflake Updates Data Cloud at Annual User Conference
Snowflake Updates Data Cloud at Annual User Conference

Source: Snowflake

Snowflake recently announced updates to Snowflake Data Cloud, according to a press release on the company’s website. The release is highlighted by Snowflake’s expanded Data Marketplace, Snowpak developer experience, support for unstructured data, and cutting-edge data governance via row access policies. The Data Cloud update, will, according to Snowflake “enable Snowflake customers to work with more types of data, have a more powerful developer experience, deliver more control over data, and access data services just as easy it is to access data within the Data Cloud.”

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Snowflake offers a cloud data platform. The solution loads and optimizes data from virtually any source, both structured and unstructured, including JSON, Avro, and XML. Snowflake features broad support for standard SQL, and users can do updates, deletes, analytical functions, transactions, and complex joins as a result. The tool requires zero management and no infrastructure. The columnar database engine uses advanced optimizations to crunch data, process reports, and run analytics.

Snowpak is a new developer experience that enables data workers and developers to write code in their languages of choice and then execute workloads like ETL/ELT, data preparation, and feature engineering on Snowflake. Currently available in testing environments only, Snowpak extends Snowflake’s capabilities for data engineering and data science use cases. Snowflake Data Services on Snowflake Data Marketplace now offers support for data service providers as well.

Support for unstructured data now includes audio, video, pdfs, imaging data, and more. Currently available in private preview, this will enable customers to avoid accessing and managing multiple systems, while deploying more fine-grained governance over unstructured files and metadata. Row access policies provide Snowflake customers the ability to create policies for restricting returned result sets when queries are executed. This also means that users will no longer need to worry about ensuring their queries contain all the right constraints.

In a media statement regarding the news, Snowflake co-founder and President of Products Benoit Dageville said: “Many of today’s organizations still struggle to mobilize all of their data in service of their enterprise. The Data Cloud contains a massive amount of data from Snowflake customers and commercial data providers, creating a powerful global data network effect for mobilizing data to drive innovation and create new revenue streams.”

Learn more about Snowflake Data Cloud in the blog How Snowflake’s Founders Architected the Rise of the Data Cloud.

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