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Solutions Review Releases New 2021 Buyer’s Guide for Metadata Management and Data Cataloging

Solutions Review Releases New 2021 Buyer's Guide for Metadata Management and Data Cataloging

Solutions Review Releases New 2021 Buyer's Guide for Metadata Management and Data Cataloging

Solutions Review is proud to release an all-new resource for comparing metadata management and data cataloging software, the 2021 Buyer’s Guide for Metadata Management and Data Cataloging. Solutions Review has developed this new product comparison guide to assist buyers in search of the best possible tool to fit the needs of their organization. This resource features an at-a-glance reference of 16 metadata management and data catalog vendors, the solutions they provide, and the markets they address.

Top providers highlighted include Alation, Alex Solutions, ASG Technologies, Collibra,, erwin, IBM, Infogix, Informatica, MANTA, Octopai, Oracle, OvalEdge, SAP, Smartlogic, and Zaloni.

The process for evaluating metadata managementand data cataloging solutions has continued to grow increasingly complex. Commonly used as a reference for business-centric projects, metadata is instrumental for describing, inventorying and understanding data for multiple use cases.

Metadata simply summarizes data, which has the ability to make finding and working with relevant data easier. Metadata commonly describes how and when and by whom a particular data set was created and what native format it resides. Data cataloging follows the process of data mapping and uses metadata (which is data that describes or summarizes data) to collect, tag, and store datasets. Data catalogs are designed to help data workers quickly find the most appropriate data for analytical or business purposes.

This resource features 10 important questions to ask during the buying process and full, one-page vendor profiles that provide a solution overview, three key features, contact information, and our own ‘Bottom Line’ analysis. Companion research, including our comparative Data Management Vendor Map, can be found at 

Download the complete report.

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