Solutions Review Sits Down with VoltDB CEO David Flower

Solutions Review recently had the chance to sit down with VoltDB CEO David Flower in our Boston studio to discuss the future of database technology. The topic of discussion surrounded the emergence of translytics. Coined by Forrester Research, the term encompasses the merger of transactions and analytics. Flower explains that this is a market ripe for innovation. He of course touches upon the impacts of not only big data, but fast data as it pertains to streaming and real-time technologies.

We asked David about where he sees the market headed in the near future, and we got him to discuss technologies bound to make a difference such as 5G and AI. He also provides his take on what is happening in the broader analytics space as it moves away from post-event analysis. The veteran enterprise software executive also gives us a sneak peak into VoltDB’s future plans and how sees the marketplace playing out in the long-term.

Check out the full interview below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more.

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