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StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager Controls Data in Motion

StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager Controls Data in Motion

StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager Controls Data in Motion

This morning, StreamSets announced StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager, the first solution to manage operations of a company’s end-to-end dataflows within a single pane of glass. This allows enterprise companies to map, measure and master dataflow topologies that support key IT initiatives, such as the Data Lake, customer 360, IoT and cyber security, ensuring continually fed data. StreamSets software delivers performance management for data flows that feed the next generation of Big Data applications. Its mission is to bring operational excellence to the management of data in motion, so that data continually arrives on-time and with quality, empowering business-critical analysis and decision-making.

According to the company, Dataflow Performance Manager is the first Data Management platform that allows enterprise organizations to harness their data in motion, unifying visibility and control of dataflows, ultamitely reducing management costs, improves data quality and enables agility in IT. With DPM, customers can do the following:

  • Map dataflows to topologies and business processes, manage releases and track changes in topologies over time.
  • Measure and establish baselines for end-to-end KPIs for data availability and accuracy.
  • Master dataflow operations by creating data service level agreements and detecting and remediating violations.

Girish Pancha, CEO at StreamSets explains: “StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager uniquely addresses the pain enterprises experience when they try to manage a multitude of dataflows manually or with legacy technologies in the face of data drift and dynamic use cases. Data is a key asset that requires the same performance management practices that have been adopted for networks and applications. DPM brings operational intelligence to dataflow management so enterprises can be sure that the data driving their key applications is always timely and trustworthy.”

StreamSets Data Performance Manager will be generally available later this month as a cloud-based service with special pricing available for early adopters. Click here to learn more.

Read the official press release.

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