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Teradata Adds New Data Science Support to Vantage Platform

Teradata Adds New Data Science Support to Vantage Platform
Teradata Adds New Data Science Support to Vantage Platform

Source: Teradata

Teradata is extending support for data science with an update to its flagship data management for analytics platform, Teradata Vantage. Teradata made the announcement via a press release. The Teradata Vantage data science update is headlined by expanded native support for R and Python, automatic generation of SQL from R and Python code, and added support for JupyterHub for Python, R and SQL. New features are free to all Teradata Vantage customers.

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Teradata offers a broad spectrum of data management solutions that include database management, cloud data warehousing, and data warehouse appliances. The company’s product portfolio is available on its own managed cloud and on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Teradata provides organizations the ability to run diverse queries, in-database analytics, and complex workload management.

The Teradata Vantage data science platform enhancement includes an expanded set of analytic functions through R and Python that help facilitate native algorithms. In addition, there is also a new suite of open source R and Python analytic algorithms which can be used with Vantage. The new Analytics Library includes a set of data preparation and modeling functions as well.

A new automatic SQL statement generation feature helps facilitate communication between multiple user groups. SQL generated from Vantage Analyst allows business users to discover fundamental insights from Vantage Analyst’s graphical interface and also generate the underlying SQL script automatically without having to write code. While R, Python and SQL scripts can be executed by an analyst’s choice of Integrated Development Environment, Teradata’s support for JupyterHub helps to facilitate better code collaboration and best practice sharing.

According to the vendor, these new capabilities “further support Teradata’s advocated Analytics 1-2-3 strategy which holds that organizations can only successfully scale their Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives by engaging in rapid experimentation and agile model building by using curated features with high predictive value.”

The Teradata Vantage data science update is automatically available now to current customers while Analytics Library will be available in Q4 2020.

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