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Teradata Launches Bring Your Own Predictive Model (BYOM) Support

Teradata Launches Bring Your Own Predictive Model (BYOM) Support
Teradata Launches Bring Your Own Predictive Model (BYOM) Support

Source: Teradata

Teradata recently announced that its Vantage platform has been enabled to operationalize externally created predictive models. Commonly known as model sharing or BYOM (short for bring your own model), the feature lets Teradata support a wider group of models and analytic algorithms. As a result, models typically created on small systems with limited data sets can now be operationalized and scaled to the level required to score the various models. New BYOM support is enabled by Teradata’s Analytics 1-2-3 framework.

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Teradata offers a broad spectrum of data management solutions that include database management, cloud data warehousing, and data warehouse appliances. The company’s product portfolio is available on its own managed cloud and on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Teradata provides organizations the ability to run diverse queries, in-database analytics, and complex workload management.

Teradata’s new BYOM approach is realized by importing externally created predictive models by open-source packages or third-party solutions into Vantage and then allowing the scoring of these models in parallel, using all the data that Vantage can ingest. Teradata data scientists can also use any of their preferred open-source tools, such as R, Python, Apache Spark, SAS, KNIME, and more, to be executed in parallel alongside native Vantage analytic functions.

In a media statement on the news, Teradata Chief Product Officer Hillary Ashton said: “As our enterprise customers continue to explore the possibilities of AI to increase customer engagement, revenue, and reduce risk and cost, they need solutions that are built for the complexity of today’s modern data analytic ecosystem. Teradata Vantage was built with the flexibility and scalability to handle the most complex enterprise workloads, regardless of where the data sits. Now, with its new BYOM functionality, Vantage can address the most stubborn challenges facing organizations that wish to quickly realize value from their AI/ML investments.”

Teradata BYOM is available now across the globe to all Vantage customers.

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