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Teradata Unveils Machine Learning-Powered Vantage Analytics Platform

Teradata Unveils Machine Learning-Powered Vantage Analytics Platform
Teradata Unveils Machine Learning-Powered Vantage Analytics Platform

Source: Teradata

Teradata recently announced the release of Teradata Vantage, the company’s new data analytics platform. Vantage provides access to predictive and prescriptive analytics, automated decision making, machine learning and data visualizations. The tool can be deployed across public clouds, on-prem, on optimized or commodity infrastructure, or as a service.

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Teradata’s data management portfolio includes products and services in data warehousing, big data analytics, and marketing applications. The company offers what we consider to be the most pure database and data warehousing capabilities of any provider in the space. Teradata covers nearly every enterprise use case, and its ability to integrate with Hadoop and other data sources make it increasingly flexible.

Vantage allows users to access and analyze data without having to learn a new tool or language. The Teradata ecosystem supports advanced analytic functions like the company’s recently introduced 4D Analytics. Users can receive immediate access to functions such as math and statistics, data transformations, path, pattern, visualization, association, cluster, decision tree and text. The tool also integrates with third-party tools and analytic languages.

The tool’s machine learning engine enables data scientists to write expressive functions and features more than 180 prebuilt analytic functions to prepare, analyze, and visualize multi-structured data. A native graph processing engine for graph analysis identifies and measures relationships between people, products, and processes. Graph analytic functions provide the capabilities to do influencer analysis, fraud detection, supply chain management, and network analysis.

In a press statement, the company’s COO Oliver Ratzesberger said: “Vantage dismantles the complexity and rises above the inadequacies of today’s analytics landscape. By making it simple for businesses to operationalize analytics on an enterprise-ready platform, Vantage can uncover the intelligence trapped in their data to discover answers that matter. Only Vantage can leverage all the data, all the time, so you can analyze anything, deploy anywhere and deliver analytics that matter.”

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