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The Top 7 Best Data Warehousing LinkedIn Groups

The Top 5 Best Data Warehousing LinkedIn Groups

The Top 5 Best Data Warehousing LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn features more than 260 million monthly active users and remains one of the best places to share content on the web. More than 60 million of those users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions. If you are a data warehousing professional and want to connect, share ideas and network with some of the brightest minds in the field, LinkedIn is a great resource.

Solutions Review has compiled this list of the top 7 best data warehouse LinkedIn forums to join so you can discover new insights, learn the best practices or maybe even land an interview with that organization you’ve been admiring from a distance. Click VISIT GROUP on each to see whether any of these are right for you.

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Data Warehouse – Big Data – Hadoop – Cloud – Data Science – ETL

This is a group for people to connect with other professionals involved with data warehousing, big data, Hadoop, cloud computing and data science. It also encompasses other concepts like ETL tools, databases, business intelligence, coding languages such as R and Python and MDM. The group openly welcomes job recruiters as well, making it an interesting place for users to build their network.


Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Thought Leaders

This group enables users to find and share thoughts on analytics, big data, business intelligence, data visualization, data warehousing, data science, deep learning, machine learning and AI. Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Thought Leaders doesn’t allow overly promotional marketing, making it one of the more active groups on LinkedIn.


Data Warehousing (Business Intelligence, ETL) Professional’s Group

The Data Warehousing Professional’s Group acts as a virtual community that leverages data warehousing technologies. The forum is open to all data warehousing professionals, and features more than 50,000 members.


Data Warehouse / Big Data / Hadoop / Predictive Analytics

This group is for professionals to connect with one another to discuss data warehousing, Big Data, Hadoop and Predictive Analytics. This forum welcomes data warehouse job recruiters, which is a rarity among LinkedIn’s professional networking forums. Other topics that take center stage within this group include Data Integration (ETL), conversation surrounding the top Business Intelligence software tools, open-source data architectures, and data science.


Database, Data Warehouse, BigData, Data Science, Business Intelligence Reporting (Data Professionals)

This group is for all database, data warehouse, data sciences, data analysis, ETL, reporting and business intelligence professionals. Users can discuss technical, professional and career problems (which are not encouraged in other groups). This is an independent group, not influenced by one country, organization or vendor.


Data Warehouse Architects

Data Warehouse Architects is a group for data warehouse and business intelligence architects. The purpose of the group is to extent your professional network and share knowledge and ideas. It’s also a great platform for other data warehouse, big data and data visualization professionals to connect directly with decision-makers and executive recruiters.


Big Data – Data Warehouse – IoT – Cloud – AI – Machine Learning Group

This group is for people with any of the outlined skills, specifically designed to help professionals connect with others involved in data warehousing, big data, Hadoop, cloud computing or data science. Recruiters and HR folks are welcome as well. Visit the group and click the About this group tab to learn more, as many other technologies are also outlined.


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