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The Qubole Data Platform Now Supports Microsoft Power BI

The Qubole Data Platform Now Supports Microsoft Power BI
The Qubole Data Platform Now Supports Microsoft Power BI

Source: Qubole

Santa Clara-based big data solution provider Qubole recently announced that its flagship product now supports Microsoft Azure and Power BI. The Qubole Data Platform integrates with Microsoft’s ecosystem via Qubole Presto, providing users the ability to interact with and analyze data. The tool’s native design features integration across storage, compute, security, and other key elements of the Azure cloud architecture. Qubole customers will now be able to utilize a new suite of interactive analytics and data visualization features as well.

The new integration allows users to connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data preparation, and drive self-service analytics. Qubole Presto and Power BI in tandem enable users to run self-service federated queries from unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data sources for reports, visualizations, mashups, and dashboards published within Power BI. These capabilities make it possible for users to move beyond the constraint of a single big data source, as well as the latency of local query processing against large amounts of data.

In a statement to the press, the company’s CEO Ashish Thusoo said: “As the shift to cloud accelerates, businesses are looking to remove complexity and costs while knowing their data platforms can grow and evolve with them as technologies advance. By introducing support for Power BI with Presto, Qubole is providing Azure users with the tools to simplify and automate big data and ML operations, drive down costs, and optimize results.”

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