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Top 10 Data Management Influencers on Twitter

Top 10 Data Management Influencers on Twitter
Top 10 Data Management Influencers on Twitter

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With an active user base more than double the size of the population of Russia, Twitter has evolved into one of the top resources for professionals in just about every technology field. The social media platform allows users to fill their timelines with whatever they find most interesting, and can act as a great educational tool. Further, enterprise professionals can quickly connect with thought leaders, solution providers and technology pundits to familiarize themselves with trends, best practices, and product news relevant to any vertical. As a result, Solutions Review has compiled a list of the top 10 Twitter personalities to follow to turn your feed into a veritable treasure trove of insightful information of Data Management insight.

Ken O'ConnorKen O’Connor: Ken is a data quality expert specializing in data governance, regulatory compliance, data mining, data analysis and data migration. He currently acts as a data quality architect for the Bank of England. In addition, Ken is the Vice President of Marketing for DAMA, a non-profit, vendor-independent association of technical and business professionals dedicated to advancing the concepts of Data Management. Follow now.

Aaron ZornesAaron Zornes: Aaron is the Chief Research Officer at The MDM Institute, an IT organization that provides insights for MDM and data governance vendors. He’s also the Conference Chairman for the MDM and Data Governance Summit, the largest MDM, CDI, PIM and governance conference in the world. Aaron has worked with many of the world’s largest companies to develop MDM and governance plans and architectures. Follow now.

Vincent GranvilleVincent Granville: Vincent is an entrepreneur and data science pioneer with interests in Big Data, machine learning, AI and predictive modeling. He’s also the co-founder and Executive Data Scientist at Data Science Central, an online community for data scientists. In addition, Vincent co-founded IoT Central, a resource for connecting individuals, organizations and businesses that focus on Internet of Things technologies. Follow now.

Gwen ThomasGwen Thomas: Gwen is the Corporate Data Advocate for the International Finance Corporation, part of the World Bank Group. Founder of The Data Governance Institute, She is an in-demand keynoter and presenter at symposiums, conferences, and training events around the world and is recognized as a global thought leader in the areas of information governance and strategy. Follow now.

Alan D. Duncan

Alan D. Duncan: Alan is an executive-level leader and evangelist for information management, analytics and technology-enabled business change. Currently Research Director at Gartner, Alan focuses on the role of the Chief Data Officer, with other interests including analytics and ethics, data governance and quality, data monetization, and evidence-based-decision-making. Follow now.

Tony BaerTony Baer: Tony is a recognized authority in extending Data Management practices, governance, and analytics to address Big Data. With strong business development skills, he has established two new research practices at Ovum, where he works as an IT analyst. Tony also provides a public voice as part of the Big Data blogging team at ZDNet. He’s also credited with coining the term ‘fast data.’  Follow now.

Steve SarsfieldSteve Sarsfield: Steve is a self-proclaimed data geek and commentator on analytics, governance and analytics with expertise in Hadoop and Big Data. Steve heads up the Product Marketing team at HPE Vertica where he drives promotion of the company’s Big Data tools. He’s also a blogger and spokesperson, and the author of The Data Governance ImperativeFollow now.

Barclay T. BlairBarclay T. Blair: Barclay is a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, software vendors, and government institutions, and is an author, speaker, and internationally recognized authority on compliance and information governance. He’s the author of the Information Nation book series, has written and edited dozens of publications, and speaks internationally on compliance. Follow now.

David Menninger

David Menninger: David is SVP & Research Director at Ventana Research, a firm that provides analysis on IT vendors and offers custom consulting services. In his role with Ventana, he covers Big Data, information management and analytics and how cloud computing and mobile technologies are impacted as a result. David is an accomplished speaker and has more than 20 years experience in the field. Follow now.

Richard Winter

Richard Winter: Richard is a Data Management architect and specialist in Big Data technology and implementation with over twenty-five years of experience. As Senior Director of Customer Success at Podium Data, he guides enterprises in development of the Data Lake and its application, scalability, architecture and strategy to drive major business successes. Follow now.

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