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Top 6 Podcasts on Data Management

Top 6 Podcasts on Data Management

This presentation is brought to us by the folks at KDR Recruitment, a specialist recruitment firm linking qualified professionals to the best jobs in Information Management and Data Analytics in the UK. Given their expertise, we trust that they’ve hand-selected these podcasts as the most relevant to all the Big Data professionals out there. Have a listen!

A podcast is file which can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device, usually for free. Podcasts are downloaded as individual episodes that usually make up a series. Typically, podcasts are audio files, but they can also be video or other file formats, and are created by a wide variety of individuals: businesses, nonprofit groups, research firms, news and media outlets, and government agencies, on a broad range of topics.

The largest collection of downloadable podcasts currently exists on iTunes, but they can also be found elsewhere. Podcasts can be a great resource for individuals and organizations to keep up with all the news, trends, and buzz in their industry, and the ease of access in acquiring them make them a perfect listen on the subway ride to work.



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