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Waterline Data Granted Patent for Automated Tagging and “Fingerprinting”

Waterline Data Granted Patent for Automated Tagging and "Fingerprinting"

Waterline Data Granted Patent for Automated Tagging and "Fingerprinting"

Waterline Data recently announced that it has been granted a patent for its Fingerprinting and automated tagging technologies. Waterline’s Fingerprinting combines big data analytics, machine learning and human curation to automatically catalog data and data lineage, while automated tagging provides hastened data discovery for large data volumes stored in data warehouses, cloud services and databases. Fingerprinting is the driving force behind the company’s AI-driven data catalog.

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Waterline Data offers a data cataloging solution that uses machine learning to discover and manage enterprise data. The tool allows organizations to automatically and incrementally “fingerprint” data and infer its lineage by analyzing data values for relational, cloud, and Hadoop data. Fingerprinting works on the concept that a column of data has a distinctive signature that incorporates its technical metadata, content, format and context.

Waterline Data’s AI-centric data catalog can identify what the data is, determine the other columns that share similar fingerprints, and connect the data to business term or label for discovery and analysis. The patent is titled “Systems and Methods for Management of Data Platforms.” The technology was invented by the company’s CTO Alex Gorelik.

In a press statement, Gorelik spoke to the news: “It has always been Waterline Data’s mission to deliver the fastest and most accurate big data discovery engine with the highest scalability in the industry. With Waterline Data’s patented Fingerprinting technology powering our data catalog, petabyte enterprises gain a competitive edge through the fast and accurate self-service discovery of complex data using modern analytic approaches.”

Waterline Data has seen considerable growth and an increased presence in the market over the last year. The company was named to Constellation Research’s ShortList for Data Cataloging in October, and raised $14.5 million in new venture capital shortly after.

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